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Where do we go from here? 3 steps to a Stronger Marriage

Sometimes being married can be overwhelming and scary. Maybe you have had some bad news, a child is sick, maybe you and your spouse are not getting along, maybe money is an issue. Whatever the problem, we sometimes need a little help navigating this thing called marriage.

My husband and I are living proof that trials and setbacks are just that. They aren’t the end of the world, the end of love, or the end of a marriage. They are an opportunity from God to grow, forgive, and become one. Where do we go from here? Well, I’ll be honest, you do have a choice. In this day and age we are told constantly to just move on, get divorced, give up, you’ll be happier without them. But, I’m here to say they are wrong! We chose to marry our spouse, chose to serve God, chose to be committed. Its all a choice!!

There are ways to get through…

First, you have to Pray. It’s a must! We have to bend our wills, our hearts, and our pride.

Second, we must Forgive. Yes, the bible says if we don’t forgive others our heavenly Father wont forgive us. Forgive your spouse, forgive yourself, and forgive God. It may be hard but with Gods help supernaturally He can wipe it away if we will let Him.

Third, we need to learn to Communicate. We learn from our parents and they from theirs how to communicate. It doesn’t mean we do it right because thats what our parents did. Some don’t even verbalize anything. They keep it all in and never allow their spouse to know how they feel. Is this you?

Whatever state you are in today, whatever the trial, or fight you may have had. Asking where do we go from here?

Make a promise to yourself to take one more step of faith, because you promised before God to love your spouse no matter what may come. Pray, forgive, and ask your spouse to sit down with you and talk calmly about what issues you are having. If you do these things, God can bring a healing to your marriage you have only dreamed of. This doesn’t happen overnight, but as you continue to follow these steps, you will see the only place to go from here is up!!

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