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Wrapped up in Jesus the One my Soul Loveth: Intimacy

Starting my day.. I love to be wrapped up in a warm blanket, with coffee in hand, and spending time with the One my soul loveth….

What are your morning routines? Are they rushed and full of missed moments? I’ve found I can waste a lot of time. I have hurried into my day and looked back at night to see that I didn’t make time for the One my soul loveth.

What does this have to do with your marriage? If we never spend time with Jesus, we don’t learn to spend time with our husband the way God wants us to. You see.. our walk with Jesus is our example of what marriage and intimacy look like. Does your marriage to your husband have true intimacy? We as women need to ask ourselves these questions. If we spend most of our time with our children, friends, on social media, cleaning our home, our careers, or just plain being busy, we are missing out on what God has planned for us.

We can become detached, distant, and aloof. I think if you are reading this, you want to have a meaningful, strong, loving and intimate marriage. But just like our time we want to spend with the One our soul loveth… we can find everything and anything else to do. We can jump from thing to thing, and never see the one who is before us. Waiting and longing for our attention and love.

Ladies, we must be intentional in our relationships with our husband and it starts with being intentional with our prayer time. Marriages fall apart everyday because too much time passes without being intentional. Then comes the sayings, “I just don’t feel anything for him anymore,” and “I don’t think this is going to work.” This comes from neglecting the man we chose to marry and the man God put in our lives. So, we must put Jesus where He belongs, on the Throne… We need to dethrone self, and spend time with the One whom our soul loveth, so we can spend time with our husbands and treat them with the respect and love God demands of us. Yes, Jesus says we are to Respect our husbands.

This week I challenge you to wake up each day and spend some much needed time with Jesus, wrapped up in His love, His word, and His council. I will leave you a scripture for each day of the week to read, meditate on, and apply to your marriage. We can cultivate our most important relationships while being refreshed and renewed in the Lord. Even if all you have is an extra 15 minutes each morning before everyone gets up, be intentional, and see what God will do!!!

He is faithful!! He is a restorer!! He is the One whom my soul loveth!!!

Monday: Psalm 63.1-8 David was in the wilderness of Judah. Have you felt you are in a wilderness lately? Read aloud and pray the word. Let your heart be focused on Jesus who can see you through.

Tuesday: Jeremiah 31:3 Oh how He loves us, and draws us! What can I learn today about the love Jesus has for me and show that same love to my husband? Meditate on How great God is and the love He gives individually, and see how you can love your husband with Gods love.

Wednesday: Philippians 3:10 This is a hard saying. Pray the word, and meditate on what it means to know Him in all these things. Take this and relate it to knowing and being sensitive to your husbands victories, his hurts and pains, and his valleys. He needs you to listen, encourage him, and just be patient as he goes through life. This will help you to become one.

Thursday: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 This is a familiar scripture and sometimes we skim what we know. I challenge you today to read each verse aloud, and relate it to our intimacy with God and our husband. Love… does this principal reign in our home daily? God has so much more for us when we allow the word to permeate our moments of each new day!

Friday: 1 Peter 3:1-6 The whole chapter is worth the read. But today at the end of your week I will focus on the first 6 verses. If we trust God, we CAN trust our husbands, to lead, to make mistakes, to protect, to provide. But, if you are struggling with this know that we can win our husbands without a word. Yes!! Without talking. If we spend time with the King basking in His presence, we can spend time with our king at home, with a sweet spirit and see our homes become a haven for them and for us. Take time today and this weekend to just loving the One whom our souls loveth and the one whom we love!!

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