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The Foundation: Building Your Marriage On Christ

Building your marriage upon a faulty foundation can have catastrophic consequences.  Generations will be effected by how you build today.  Men, this week we will be examining the foundation our marriages are built on.


Steve sat with his friend Jason and listened as Jason spoke of his parents recent separation. Steve had practically grown up in their house along side Jason and his sister. He had fond memories of spending many summers, over night birthday parties, and of course, their favorite was hanging out at Jason’s house after church on Sundays. Their home was inviting and felt like home to Steve. They sat and talked about the issues for some time but couldn’t seem to get over the shock. It seemed so unexpected. They were in fact the model family.


Steve remembers as a teenager feeling some envy that his family, as great as it was, was not more like them. Now, some years later, here they were as adults talking about something that seemed impossible but was now a reality. The shock waves could be felt for miles and miles. Like a magnitude 6.9 earthquake it shook the foundation of the family far and wide leaving crumbled hopes and fractured relationships in a pile of rubbled memories.

How could this happen?

It almost seems more understandable when it is a younger marriage on the line. But after some 40 years it just boggles the mind. It leaves me asking the question “how could this happen?” Let me say frankly, this kind of devastation does not happen over night. No, not due to just one storm. I believe it was a constant beating of the winds against the point of connection to the foundation. Let me explain.

The Foundation

In Matthew 7:24 Jesus likened someone who hears His sayings AND obeys (doeth them) to a wise man who made the good decision to build his house upon a rock. We know that Jesus is the Rock of Ages. He is the solid ground on which we can build our lives, our homes, our families. His Word is life! It will guide and strengthen, heal and help. We can trust His word. When a couple makes the decision together to trust and obey the Word of God they are beginning to build their home/life upon the firmest foundation there has ever been or will ever be and THAT foundation will never fail. God forbid they ever try to remove their lives away from the foundation. Great is the fall! But perhaps that is a blog for another day.

For now lets focus on the family that has made the good decision but has found their home falling apart in spite of that decision. What is it, then, that could be the cause?

Regular Inspections

The problems happen when the building begins to separate from the foundation. If constructed correctly this should not happen. However, stormy weather and strong winds, constant moving of the walls can create loose connections to the foundation. There in lies the issue. Somewhere along the way inspection was neglected and though the foundation didn’t move the house that was built upon that foundation was allowed to become mobile. This is why we need to regularly examine our personal walk with God and our relationship with our wife.  Be intentional.  Schedule daily prayer and devotion and plan date nights with your wife.  You don’t want to look up 5 years into your marriage and realize that your house has shifted off its foundation.

The Storm Will Come

Jesus said in verse 26 “And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house…” Notice He never said IF the rain, the flood and the wind would come. Because into every life and upon every home the storms of life will come. We need regular inspections. This comes with being sober. 1 Peter 5:8 says, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”  It’s important to have real conversations with your wife because this unifies your relationship and when you, your wife and Jesus are in one accord no enemy, be it temptation or trials of life, can defeat you.

Anchor Deep

Let me suggest here one of my favorite books. Six Hours One Friday: Living in the Power of the Cross

(affiliate link) by Max Lucado. In it he tells the story of being a young man and owning a house boat when a hurricane blew in. The locals advised him not to tie the boat to the trees along the shore line but rather to anchor deep. If you click the affiliate link above and order this book through amazon I will earn a commission with no extra cost to you. Thank you!

Just read it, it will bless ya! Now back to my blog…

Building Our Marriages On A Firm Foundation

It is imperative, Husbands and Wives, for us to not only BUILD upon Christ, the Firm Foundation, but to inspect our connection to Him on a regular basis. “Am I doing everything He has asked me to do?” “ Are we honoring Jesus as a married couple? as a family?” “Is there ANY part of our lives/marriage that is not completely surrendered to His Lordship?” These are important questions to ask and answer honestly. Proverb 12:7 says, “the wicked are overthrown and are not: but the house of the righteous shall stand.”


Are you building your marriage on Jesus Christ? Are you spending time in prayer daily? When is the last time you fasted? Do you attend church every time the doors are open? We are calling you husbands to a higher purpose.  We are calling you to be the leaders God has called you to be. What about planning a date night with your wife and talking about what your marriage is built on?

Men, Now is the time to take action.  Write a plan for you and your wife to start building upon the firm foundation, or to start repairing what’s been broken.  God can do anything! Your marriage IS worth the fight.

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